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Immerse yourself in a symphony of selected quality ingredients. Our creations are a fusion of the finest chocolate and the best hazelnuts, meticulously chosen to capture pleasure in every cube! Experience the epitome of Gianduia Chocolate, where extraordinary whole hazelnuts take center stage. Each hazelnut is masterfully toasted, creating a taste explosion that transcends the ordinary. Discover the art of savoring, where every bite is a journey into the harmonious blend of the finest elements, curated to perfection.

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A Gift.

Genuine emotions can transform a simple gift into a delightful surprise. Embrace these special moments with an array of chocolates and more from our Signature Milk Collection.

Caffarel Chocolate Store in Kuwait


Discover a genuine couverture chocolate for every distinct mood, emotion, and expression that reflects your refined taste. Indulge in treats crafted to perfection, tailored to your preferences.

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Delicious & Delicate, Tastes Extraordinaire.

In order to produce high-quality chocolate you need skilled people, able to recognize at a glance the best cocoa, the smell of hazelnuts roasted to perfection and who can guarantee every day the artisan and visionary spirit of Paul Caffarel.

Shiny wrapping for the tender dark Gianduia chocolate cubes with crunchy whole hazelnuts inside.

Chocolatini's Exclusive Truffles Collection . A Harmony of Indulgent Bliss in Every Delectable Bite.

Indulge in tempting goodness with Gianduia chocolate enriched with hazelnuts in this delightful snack.

Delectable plain dark chocolate hearts adorned with various messages of love.

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All about Cafferel

Caffarel, specialized in the production of chocolate and hazelnut italian masterpieces. In its assortment we also find sugar free and gluten free products.

1. Ingredients

Discover delicious recipes of Caffarel's desserts

2. Chocolate Culture

 Preserving both timing and methods of a traditional production.

3. Unique Chocolate

In order to produce high-quality chocolate you need skilled people

4. Beauty to be Enjoyed

Our gift boxes are hand-packed, because the human touch is what makes the difference.